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TRIMAX is the largest mobile mechanical dewatering firm of its kind in the world. What allows TRIMAX to hold this lofty position is its fleet of horizontal decanter centrifuges. No other mobile dewatering company has as many large Sharples high "G" machines.

High throughput along with stainless steel bowls and sintered tungsten carbide conveyor flighting enable TRIMAX to keep production and maintenance costs low, while reducing sludge volumes and odors.

All of the machines come complete with necessary ancillary equipment to facilitate a turnkey project including:

  • Pumps
  • Grinders
  • Hoses
  • Polymer make down system
  • Portable power supply if needed


The sludge mixes with a specific polymer and flocculates inline. The flocculated sludge travels in through the Slurry In tube, where it immediately hits the rotational effects of the centrifuge. Due to the varying densities of water and the flocculated solids, the material separates into two materials: cake solids and centrate (liquid). The cake solids are dropped onto a conveyor underneath the centrifuge and then conveyed up into waiting trucks or disposal bins. The liquid is pumped to the nearest manhole or liquid disposal site.

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