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All of the TRIMAX equipment is mobile and modular. Every project has different requirements and our system is designed to adapt. Time, space and economics are key factors to most TRIMAX clients. Single or multiple machine setups give TRIMAX the flexibility to meet our customers varied dewatering needs and project schedule. Trained, experienced personnel allow TRIMAX to make quick adjustments to changing conditions.


  • Largest fleet of high speed decanter centrifuges in the world
  • Complete dredging services
  • Offices in Canada and the U.S.A
  • Driest cake solids on primary or secondary biosolids


  • Sharples DSX 4000+"G" technology
  • Less polymer consumption
  • Emergency response capability
  • Trained and experienced personnel
  • Short or long term projects

For more information, please see DREDGING, PUMPING, DEWATERING, Centrifuge Rentals

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